We treat your personal data protection with responsibility and we believe that your data should be collected and processed only when absolutely necessary. That is why has been designed with appropriate business and internal systems and complies with European data protection law (EU Regulation 679/2016 EU-GDPR).

This policy has been adopted by the JOIN CLOTHES SOCIETE ANONYME INDUSTRIAL COMPANY - CLOTHES & RELATED ARTICLES and with the distinctive title JOIN CLOTHES AEBE, based in Metamorphosis Attica, Paros Street no. 26, P.C. 14452, VAT 099961856 (Public Finance Agency: FAE ATHENS), as is legally represented and is the person responsible for processing your personal data. Our company has the obligation to protect you whenever you use our online store ( either as a simple user, as a consumer-buyer or as a member and to you informs you of all the information you need in accordance with Articles 12, 13 and 14 of the new GDPR.

Personal data collected by e-shop and its processing purposes

Personal Data is any information that has or may be attributed to you. Our company through its online store collects simple personal data such as name, surname, postal code, city, country, phone, mobile, as well as technical data such as email, IP address, username, password in our e-shop, etc., which is processed according to what we analyze below. In case we receive your personal data belonging to a special category, we undertake to process it even more with your consent and only with your explicit consent or in a manner permitted by the relevant legislation.

In the context of its operation our online store (e-shop), we may collect your data online or by phone. Specifically, if you call us and for the purpose of proving your telephone communications, the phone calls received and made by our company may be recorded, which is disclosed to you as soon as you call and before you give us your personal information.

Member Registration - Open an Account

During the member registration process, collects the personal data you voluntarily declare in order to create the account, in particular it is compulsorily collected and for the purposes of your browsing and making purchases the following:

  • sex (mr., mrs.)
  • first name,
  • last name,
  • email,
  • desired password
  • desired username

Optionally and if you choose it, by checking the corresponding fields in the client registration form, you have the option or not to receive newsletters from about:

  • offers,
  • discounts,
  • new products,
  • corporate news

Your personal data is used by JOIN CLOTHES in order to open an Account through which you can view your transaction history while giving your consent by granting this information to the Company to observe the password in order to allows you to access your Account each time you sign in with your password.

WARNING: If you are under 16, you must have the consent of your parents before signing up at

Browsing data collection - Cookies

By browsing, registering you as a member of our Online Store, Newsletter Service, and submitting an order to our Online Store, the site collects and processes personal information and information about you, either through cookies or directly from you who grant us. We also use Google Analytics to monitor user activity, determine the number of people who use the site, and see their progress in our online store. The information that Google Analytics records does not disclose your identity to us.

Finally, with your consent, we may analyze the use you make on our site to provide you with personalized information. User behavior assessment includes the areas of the site you have stayed with and the links you have enabled (e.g., shopping cart). These data may be used to create a user-by-use profile so that our online promotions are better suited to your interests. JOIN CLOTHES when you browse our online store and trade with us, collects personal information and other information about you through our own First Party Cookies or third party cookies that data may be used for advertising and promotional purposes.
Cookies are text files that are installed on your computer or on your device temporarily and are transmitted to our server when you visit our online store without knowing any file you have. The information collected by cookies may include the type of browser you are using, your operating system, online service providers, sites you visit, and links to third party websites that you may choose through our site , the products and ads you see, the IP address of your PC, User Name, User ID & Password, demographics such as your gender, age, place of residence, and other shopping habits and online behaviors.
By browsing and purchasing through our online store, you consent to editing by of the information it collects from you through the use of Cookies. Your preferences for cookies can be changed through the familiar section of our page.

Subscribe to JOIN CLOTHES Newsletter

If you wish to subscribe to our Newsletter service, will collect your e-mail address and send you informative material regarding the products of our Online Store, any offers on products, information about competitions, product advertisements, trade partnerships, etc.
If you choose to participate in our e-mail newsletter, the email address you submit will be forwarded to MailChimp, which Our sutures provides marketing services and which we consider to be the third data carrier. Your email address will be stored in your site's database synchronized with the Mailchimp database with bi-directional timing, and will remain in the Mailchimp database for as long as we use its services or until you request it to be removed. Additionally, if you choose to receive newsletters, you may collect your data from SendPulse, with your consent, which installs a cookie ID on your device and sends you ads and newsletters to your online store. Your personal data will remain in the SendPulse database for as long as we use its services or until you request it to be removed.

WARNING: If you are under 16, you MUST have your parents' consent before signing up for our Newsletter.

Purchase of products from the JOIN CLOTHES Online Store

For the execution of any online order, it is necessary to provide your personal information, such as your payment method, your contact details and the place where the products are delivered. These data are used by JOIN CLOTHES exclusively for the execution of your order as it is necessary to know how the payment will be made and where the delivery of the products will take place. For example, your e-mail can be used to send the order acknowledgment and execution notification, and your phone can be used to send a message in the event of a problem with the order, as well as to contact with you the employee of the transport company with whom we cooperate to deliver the products and for any general notice and consultation regarding the order.

Payment by credit card

If you wish to pay for the products you purchase by credit card, you must tell us about the type (Visa or Mastercard), the card number, the expiration date and the CCV of the card. The registration of your card details is protected by the payment service provider's security system, which guarantees a secure payment environment. JOIN CLOTHES does not register your card information itself, so redirection will take place at each payment stage on the payment service provider's page, which will handle the payment information.

Sign in via Facebook

If you wish to share information and material from the online store in your Facebook account, you may be asked to provide your email address in the AddThis application. AddThis installs a cookie ID on your device via your email. Our company uses this application to share our site's material on our Facebook account via our online store. Your email address will remain in the AddThis database for as long as we use its services or until you request it to be removed.

Legal basis for processing your data

The processing of your data as it takes place through our online store is absolutely necessary to execute your orders and receive updates on our company's activities and products.
Furthermore, JOIN CLOTHES will not receive from you do not have any more personal data than what is necessary for each of the above, nor will he lease, sell, transfer in any way, nor disclose it to third parties, unless such disclosure is:

  • absolutely necessary for us to perform a service you have requested,
  • processing by a third party is necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interests,
  • you have given your consent,
  • the law requires it.

Finally, any disclosure of personal data of children under the age of 16 takes place by consensus of their parents.

Third recipients of your personal information

JOIN CLOTHES through its online store may transmit the personal data it collects to you to third parties, provided that they do not undergo any unlawful processing and after prior written agreement of JOIN CLOTHES with them. If your data is to be transmitted outside of the EEA, this will be done after we have determined that all international security guarantees are in place for them.

In particular, we may send your data to the following persons:

  • On Google, as already mentioned above, especially for the use of Google Analytics
  • In Mailchimp, as noted above, especially for the Newsletter service.
  • In Paypal, to complete the payment of your orders.
  • SendPulse to send notifications to your device.
  • In AddThis to share information from our online store on your Facebook profile. All three of these organizations have their headquarters in the US and are in agreement with the transnational agreement known as EU-US Privacy Shield.
  • Credit institutions to access our platform and complete your order directly from these credit institutions.
  • The shipping company we are partnering with.
  • Judicial, police and other administrative authorities at their legal request and in accordance with the applicable law.
  • Advertisers and advertisers in general to provide statistical information on purchased products, demographics, and device data used to access users in our online store.
  • Third parties providing JOIN CLOTHES services related to the operation of the Online Store such as developers, data analysts, and vendors only for the purpose of processing their services to our company.
  • In special successors, if JOIN CLOTHES undergoes a business change such as a merger, redemption, sale of its assets, etc., user information and data, including personal data, may be transferred to new corporate structure. If the privacy policy changes from the new entity, JOIN CLOTHES will inform you before transferring your personal information.
  • On Facebook.

All the above third recipients are processors on our behalf in accordance with the new GDPR Regulation and any processing they process takes place under our instructions and instructions.

Retention period of your personal data

Your personal data will be retained for as long as you maintain an account in our online store. In the event of your account being dropped and your relationship between us interrupted, we may retain some of it for as long as it is required (eg if the product you purchased is covered by a warranty, and to inform the tax administration) in in each case for as long as our claims have not been forfeited.
If you wish to delete from our newsletter and you are not a registered user, the data will be deleted immediately, and if you are a registered user, your data remains as unsubscribed user data unless you request similar deletion. We will not contact you without your express consent to the period of time that we keep your data in accordance with the above.

Your rights

Our company allows you to exercise any of the rights provided by your Regulation, in particular the rights to update, access your data, correct or delete it, and restrict the processing. In the event that you wish to exercise any of your rights regarding any personal data of ours that you may address in writing to JOIN CLOTHES at email You have the option of submitting a request to us for free access to your data, however depending on the amount of data we hold for you, we may charge you the cost of providing information about your data.
If you wish to delete your account or not to receive our newsletters, you should contact us at +30 (210) 28 41 835 or email Once we receive any such request, we activate the procedures to prevent unauthorized access to your data.

Save Files in Physical Format:

JOIN CLOTHES can keep records in natural, printed form, which contain your personal data. These records are kept in guarded areas accessible to our employees and associates as part of their duties. Finally, for destroying physical files, we use document shredders.

Electronic Storage

Any personal information stored in our site's database is stored in a pseudonymous form. In particular, they are additionally processed via a separately stored key so that they can not be used to identify an individual. In addition, our network is protected against viruses and malicious software from antivirus and firewall.

File Transfer

All file transfer between our web site and your browser is encrypted and transferred via the SSL protocol. This encryption is a way of protecting the end user, who is able to decipher the information through the appropriate key.

Violation of your data

JOIN CLOTHES will report any illegal violation of its online store database to any interested person within 72 hours of the violation if it is obvious that your personal data has been stolen.

Changes to privacy policy

This privacy policy may change from time to time according to legislation or industry developments without prior notice. That is why we invite you to check this page regularly.

Contact us

Before you navigate the Site or you make any transactions with us, such as subscribing to the Newsletter Service, opening a Member Account or purchasing from our Online Store, we invite you to consult this Policy and make sure that you agree to the terms and conditions we collect and process your personal data.
However, if you want any clarification or information regarding the terms of this Policy, or you have a dispute, reservation or query, you may you can contact our Company at +30 (210) 28 41 835 or by email at


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